Things To Think Of Before Going To Climb Kilimanjaro

Things To Think Of Before Going To Climb Kilimanjaro

If you’re planning to climb Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro Packages, there are several things that you should consider before you head out. There are routes, preparations for the climb, and malaria to consider. Keep reading to learn more about climbing Kilimanjaro. And make sure you pack the right supplies for the mountain. There are many ways to avoid altitude sickness and malaria.

Avoid the rainy season:

When to climb Kilimanjaro? There are several factors that you need to consider before your adventure. If you’re planning to hike the mountain, it’s best to avoid the rainy and shoulder seasons, usually December, March, and June. However, you can climb during the dry season, and the weather will be much less crowded. You can also avoid the peak of the mountain during the full moon.


To prepare for a climb on Kilimanjaro Mountain, you must train yourself physically and mentally. The more you exercise and train, the easier your trip will be. A fit body is more capable of handling the physical stress of hiking and camping on the mountain. This way, you will enjoy your adventure more and increase your chances of reaching the top. Keep reading for important tips on preparing for a Kilimanjaro climb.

Look for routes:

There are many different routes up the mountain, but none of them is more spectacular than the Machame route. You will travel through five ecosystems on the mountain – cultivated farmland, cloud forest, alpine heath, high desert, and glaciated summit. There are five campsites along the route, each with its unique beauty. The scenery changes dramatically as you progress. The Machame trail starts through tree plantations and continues through dense rainforest, volcanic boulders, and a crater. The first two camps are more isolated, less crowded, and equally scenic.


The cost of a Kilimanjaro mountain climb can vary wildly. Some climbers spend hundreds of dollars, while others may spend up to four thousand dollars. The cost of your climb will depend on your itinerary and the company you choose to organize the trek. In addition to the trek costs, you should also consider the cost of flights, clothes, and equipment. You should also expect to tip your guides and porters and prepare to pay at least $200 per day per person.

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