Things To Know Before Visiting An Amer Centre In Dubai

Things To Know Before Visiting An Amer Centre In Dubai

Before visiting an Amer center near me, here are some things to know. For instance, each location has different hours of operation; some close at 6 pm, while others are open 24 hours. To find your nearest Amer Center, you can do a Google map search. The government is attempting to make the visa process more convenient for working expatriates. By allowing residents more time to complete the process, the government shows that they care about working expatriates in Dubai.

Dress code:

There is no formal dress code for Amer center in Dubai. However, women must avoid wearing shorts and strappy tops. The dress code is relaxed for men and women can wear dresses or skirts with hoodies. Men should avoid wearing high heels and wear a polo t-shirt or jeans with a pair of casual shoes. You can visit the Centre in casual shoes or sneakers. The Dubai Dress Code is moderate.


If you are planning to get your UAE ID or visa in the UAE, you must know about Amer Centres. These government services are managed by Emirati private investors, allowing people to get everything they need to do, from starting a new life in the country to renewing their visas. Amer Centers can also process government transactions, including visa cancellation, entry permit, and Emirates ID. The federal government recently announced that the fee would not increase for the next three years.

Services offered:

There are several things to know before visiting an Amer center in Dubai. Firstly, Amer Centers offers services that are not the same as those of a traditional government office. Private Amer Centres used to offer similar services but were not directly supervised by the government. Hence, these centers offer a broader range of services. The benefits of visiting Amer centers include the convenience of applying from the comfort of your home. Moreover, you can download the Amer Smart App for iOS and Android devices if you want to save time and effort. This app can upload the required documents, such as Emirates ID or Medical Fitness Test, to the center for easy processing.

Contact information:

The Amer Centre in Dubai offers a variety of government services for residents of the Emirate. Located in Al Twar Center, this center is the largest in the city. As the Emirate of Dubai continues to pursue its ambitious plans for rapid economic growth, smart digital services, and infrastructure development, it has introduced new centers that offer excellent citizen services. These centers are operated by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs.

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