The Benefits of Stem Cells Treatment for Hair Loss

The Benefits of Stem Cells Treatment for Hair Loss

There are several benefits to getting hair loss stem cells treatment. These cells can replace lost volume, and because they come from a person’s tissue, they are safer than using tissue from a donor. They also stimulate new hair growth. Moreover, stem cell treatment for hair loss can last a lifetime, unlike surgery, which may only temporarily restore your hair. If you’ve been wondering whether you should get stem cell treatment for hair loss, read on to discover some benefits.

Stem cells stimulate cell and tissue growth to replace the lost volume:

Adult stem cells, also called mesenchymal stem cells, are derived from adult tissues. They undergo different types of cell division and produce identical daughter cells. These stem cells aim to replace lost volume and repair damaged tissues. Nevertheless, if the stem cells do not undergo the right regulatory processes, they can proliferate uncontrollably, resulting in carcinogenesis and impaired organ repair. Thus, stem cells must be kept in homeostasis to prevent the proliferation of unhealthy cells.

They are safer than using one’s tissue:

While the hair loss stem cells treatment process may seem risky at first, it is more effective than one might think. The cells are taken from another person and, unlike their adult counterparts, are generally safe for injection into the body. The umbilical cord is a source of stem cells. This process is performed in a hospital, and the mother is required to store the cord for four weeks before the caesarean section. Informed consent is required, including medical history, social history, and a blood test.

They stimulate new hair growth:

Researchers have discovered a novel method for reactivating hair follicle stem cells, which are responsible for hair regrowth. These stem cells are long-lived and keep hair follicles productive throughout a person’s life. These cells are dormant during the new hair cycle and then activate quickly. The hair growth process involves multiple molecular events, including the activity of TREM2+ dermal macrophages, which secrete the inhibitor oncostatin M.

They are permanent:

Using stem cells as the source of hair replacement has many advantages. It is a one-time procedure that can restore lost hair permanently. People suffering from alopecia or conventional baldness can benefit from this procedure. Additionally, the procedure is relatively non-invasive and is safe for the patient. If successful, stem cell hair treatment can help restore thinning hair and bald patches.

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