4 Reasons Why Businesses Should Consider Wellness Programs

4 Reasons Why Businesses Should Consider Wellness Programs

Well-being programs are an excellent way for businesses to attract and retain top talent. In addition to reducing healthcare costs, these programs also improve employee health. Absenteeism is decreased, and company culture is improved. Below are some practical reasons why businesses should consider wellness apps. All companies should consider adding wellness programs to their employee benefits package. Read on to discover more. Incorporating wellness into your company culture will improve your workforce’s quality and your company culture.

Reduces healthcare costs:

Many companies have wellness programs to promote employee health and well-being. The CDC found that unhealthy behaviors are associated with higher healthcare costs and that inactivity alone accounts for 11.1% of all healthcare spending. In 2018, some states spent Dh 3.6 trillion on healthcare. Inactivity alone is responsible for Dh 333 billion of these costs. Businesses can decrease health care costs by encouraging employees to be physically active and live healthier lifestyles.

Improves employee health:

A wellness program should focus on more than just physical health. While eating healthily and staying physically fit is essential for employees, it’s also vital to address their emotional and mental well-being. Employee wellness programs can include stress management, confidential mental health, and substance abuse treatment. Employees should not feel obligated to participate in a wellness program; however, employers can make it mandatory to promote it. Employees should feel comfortable utilizing the wellness program to be effective for the company and not cause conflict.

Reduces absenteeism:

Employees’ health plays a key role in a company’s productivity, so it makes sense to implement a workplace wellness program. In addition to promoting good health, these programs are also useful in reducing stress and lowering employee absenteeism. Wellness programs help employees learn to manage stress better and reduce their levels of illness. Healthier employees are happier at work and less likely to call in sick.

Improves company culture:

Companies that offer wellness programs to their employees can better motivate them to stay healthy, ultimately leading to more productive employees. Smart employers can facilitate small changes in employee health that have a snowball effect and improve company culture. Employee well-being is directly tied to company culture, so designing a comprehensive wellness program is critical. A survey found that 89% of employees say they feel supported by their employers regarding their health and well-being.

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