4 Common Types Of Dental Emergencies

4 Common Types Of Dental Emergencies

Whether you suffer from chipped teeth, cracked teeth lost crowns or fillings, or even a jaw dislocation, it’s important to know what to expect during a dental emergency. Listed below are some common dental emergencies that you should seek treatment for. If you have any of these issues or are unsure whether they’re serious, read on to learn more about how to treat them and save yourself some unnecessary pain. Click this to get comprehensive info on dental braces in Dubai.

Bleeding from soft tissue injuries:

After a dental emergency, the first thing to do is seek immediate medical attention. Bleeding usually stops within a few minutes. However, bleeding could not mean that there is a more serious injury. Immediately seek medical attention, preferably at the dentist’s office. Once you know the exact cause of your bleeding, you can begin treatment.

Chipped or cracked tooth:

A broken tooth can be a startling experience. The broken piece of tooth may have a jagged edge. This can cause pain and swelling, and if not treated quickly, it can lead to infection. A cracked tooth should be treated immediately, as delaying treatment will increase the chances of losing it. If the broken part of the tooth is not in the mouth, you should rinse your mouth thoroughly with water and apply an ice pack to relieve the pain.

Lost crown or filling:

If you have a filling or crown that has broken off or fallen out, a trip to the dentist is your next step. If you cannot locate it, a temporary filling material can be purchased over the counter. Dental cement can temporarily cover the tooth, but it is important to ensure that the area is clean and dry. Otherwise, it may cause infection.

Dislocated jaw:

A dislocated jaw can occur due to a variety of reasons. Depending on the severity of the fracture, the jaw can be fixed or wired shut. Minor fractures may be treated with a bandage around the head or chin to prevent the jaw from opening wide. Pain and anti-inflammatory drugs may be prescribed to keep the patient comfortable during the procedure. The jaw may be wired shut, or it may be put back into place manually.

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